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Meet the startups that are building our future developing and using emerging technologies.

Liga Insights Emerging Technologies – Nov/2017

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We selected Brazilian startups that were involved with Emerging Technologies – applying or developing – in 7 categories:


Startups that develop and/or employ solutions that apply cognitive computing to data and information for purposes of identifying and processing patterns, images and speech, movement, language, conversation recognition, among others.


Startups that develop solutions and equipment that enable both the virtual and the physical worlds to interact through projection and creation technologies, with the purpose of increasing, creating or reproducing the sensation of reality in real time.

Big Data and Analytics

Platforms and solutions that bring together, organize and structure large volumes of data to build and, in return, provide qualified information that support decision making.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

Platforms and solutions that develop and apply the use of blockchain as trust, security, certification and transaction validation protocols or process completion in addition to cryptocurrencies.

Cleantechies and Smart Cities

Cleantechies provide services and products developed with the purpose of improving productivity, performance, operation and efficiency, while reducing costs, facilitating processes, reducing waste and being sustainable.
Solutions to Smart Cities are part of the startups group that develop applications that understand and improve the cities in a connected and intelligent manner.

Drones and UAVs

Startups that offer services and products related to Drones and UAVs, including mapping services, manufacturing, spatial intelligence and education in the area.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Startups that provide solutions that connect physical objects to the internet and whose equipment has embedded technology able to collect and transmit data.

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